• Education Guarantee, Student Discount, and optional languages
    Our A-B courses costs 2750 SEK, going on for two days (Saturday-Sunday and Thursday-Friday) and includes all forklifts below- -Easy Booking Online-

    Theory book and theoretical examinations are available in Turkish, Arabic, English, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Finnish. Theory book are sent to the course participants after booking. Contact Us: 08-128 54 737
    Students are always offered a discount of 10% (Bring valid student ID).



  • Increase the opportunities on the labor market - Extra practice after education for free
    After the course are completed all participants can come back for more practice on all forklifts types for free, wich increases experience and opportunities on the labor market.

  • Courses are held on Speditionsvägen 15 in Skogås.